United States President

(Unicorn Party)


  1. Do you believe that the government should have a balanced budget?
    1. If yes.
      1. How should the government balance the budget?
      2. What about entitlements?
      3. What about military?
      4. What about bureaucracy?
    1. If no.
      1. Why do you believe the government is different than any regular person that can only spend what they make?
      2. What will happen if the government cannot borrow any more money?
      3. Can the government file bankruptcy?



  1. Do you believe that America is a great country?
    1. Yes
      1. Why?
    2. No
      1. Do you believe America was ever great?
      2. Why?



  1. What is your position on the first Amendment?
    1. Free Speech.
      1. What about hate speech?
      2. What about the internet?
      3. What about yelling “Fire” in a theater?
    1. No or limited speech.
      1. How does that fit into the First Amendment?
      2. Doesn’t that infringe on the First Amendment?
      3. Once we set the precedent of limiting speech, what is there to stop us from losing free speech?



  1. What is your position on the Second Amendment?
    1. For
      1. What about mass shootings?
    2. Against
      1. The United States is unique, in that, it was written into our Constitution that everyone has a right to bear arms. Because people have the right to bear arms it makes it much more difficult for the government to turn on its people. Also, if there is ever an invasion, not only is there a military and police, but every day people can, if they chose, help protect our country. Therefore, by limiting the Second Amendment, would it not, limit the protection for the people?



  1. What is your belief on big government?
    1. If bigger.
      1. Do you believe that the State Government is incapable of making decisions for their people?
      2. Do you believe that people are incapable of making decisions for themselves?
    2. If smaller.
      1. What do you believe should be the role of our Federal and State Government?
      2. What about standards and regulations? For example, child labor, environmental pollution, and safety standards?


10th Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.



  1. Should the US enforce its borders?
    1. Yes
      1. The United States of America is known to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have welcomed immigrants from all over the world throughout our history. Why should this change now?
    2. No
      1. The United States of America has been welcoming immigrants throughout its history. But there has always been a limit on the number of people allowed into the country and the immigrants had to go through a vetting prosses. Why should this change now?
    3. Do you agree with this statement?
      1. Without border enforcement immigrants can cross at will, bypass our quotas and vetting system. Basically, skip the line of people trying to get into this country by following our regulations.



  1. If you were sick, and had the choice to get treated anywhere in the world. Where would you choose to get treated?
    1. Why would you want to be treated there?
    2. Should the US change its health care system?



  1. What is your position on global warming?
    1. Yes, there is.
      1. The earth has been going through temperature changes ever since it has been in existence. How is this time different than the past?
      2. The US population is less than 10% of the world’s population. How is the US to stop climate change?
    2. No, there is not.
      1. In the past there was a concern with the ozone. There was legislation passed to confront the problem. Why is this different?



  1. There are some in our country that believe the police should be defunded. What is your position on defunding the police?
    1. For,
      1. Who or how should the police be replaced?
    2. Against,
      1. What about police brutality or excessive force?
    3. A role of the government is to provide peace and safety to its people. One of the ways the government does this is through the police. The police’s job is to protect and serve.
    4. Do you agree with this definition/statement?



  1. Abortion is a hot topic. Where do you stand on abortion?
    1. For
      1. Murder is against the law. Science tells us that the fetus inside the women’s body can feel pain, can hear the mother, and premature babies/fetus have survived outside of the women’s body as early as 20 weeks. Why is abortion different?
    2. Against
      1. The government does not have a right to tell anyone what they can or cannot do with their body. It infringes on people’s right and liberties. Why does the government have a rite to tell women, in this situation, what they can do or cannot do with their body?
    3.  At conception there is only a fertilized egg, a cell, then it splits and so forth. That is not a conscious life. At what stage during pregnancy is there life?



  1. When it comes to incarceration (doing time for doing a crime), there is a debate about racism and unjust/bias in the prosecution and sentencing of individuals/people.
    1. Do you believe this is the case?
      1. If yes.
        1. How would you fix it?
      2. If no.
        1. There are people with longer sentences for nonviolent crimes than people with violent crimes. How is this fair?
      3. Laws and justice. During this COVID pandemic, government officials were letting prisoners out of jail… At the same time, some of the US population was told if they violated the COVID distancing practices they could face fines and jail time of up to 1 year.
      4. What are your thoughts on this, as it pertains to justice reform?



  1. Education of our children has made its way into the national media. What are your thoughts on our education system?
    1. What should be taught to our children?
    2. What should not be taught to our children and/or be left to the discretion of the parents?